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Thanks to social entrepreneurs and social justice advocates, people can now use their buying power to shop for a cause. Whether the shopping reason is Christmas, birthdays, special events, or to send someone a thinking-of-you gift, you’re able to do more than ever before with your buying power. Social entrepreneurs work to ease the suffering…


Flower Origins and Meanings

Who doesn’t love flowers? They look beautiful, smell amazing, are suitable for most occasions and brighten up any room. Because flowers are so awesome, we got to know about the different types of flowers and where they come from as well as their meanings. Understanding what each flower means and represents as well as understanding…


What does your tie say about you?

In older days, many companies considered ties as an integral part of a worker’s attire. Many business owners back then linked employee morale and work ethics with the way their employees dressed. A large number of business analysts in those times agreed that corporate and business attire helped boost a company’s image to the clients….


Tips to Prevent Digital Eye Strains

Numbers don’t lie. There are more than 10 million people who suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome every year. Though computers are an essential tool in our offices, spending more than two hours daily in front of them poses a threat to the eyes. You would be more prevalent by 90% to suffer from CVS. You wouldn’t want…

The Basics of WeChat for Business

WeChat has been a hot topic for many entrepreneurs for a long time. However, how much do we actually know about WeChat? How did this social network become the most used solution in china and expand its reach to 18 languages and 200 countries in just six years? Below is a breakdown of how WeChat…


Beauty tips for the sensitive eyes

Do you have sensitive eyes? Does having sensitive eye keeps you at bay from using eye makeup? Do you fear to have itchy, red and puffy eyes every time you make use of some cosmetics? If so, then understand that having sensitive eyes does not mean that you cannot make use of makeup or cosmetics….

Details on the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer

While the original Arizer Solo vaporizer was well loved by the vape community, it did have a few issues that most people did not like very much. Arizer listened to their concerns and created the updated Arizer Solo II Vaporizer improvements. This unit features a faster heat up time, better temperature control, a tastier vapor…

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