Start your journey with the new age leather notebook

For almost all professionals, a handy diary or notebook is an important tool to store information. It is a must accessory for someone belonging to creative fields like journalists, writers, artists, etc. Definitely, one needs a special kind of notebook for this purpose. Moleskine leather notebook enters the picture to preserve your thoughts, feeling, and data in style.

The elegant leather covers

As the name suggests, it comes with a leather covering. The high-quality leather protects the notebooks from the normal wear and tear. It also gives the notebook an old-fashioned but classy and professional look. Another noteworthy thing is it comes with Chromexcel leathers. It has more oil than general leathers. Now, that makes it sturdier and fashionable over usual leather products. The beauty of this kind of leather enhances over the time.

High-quality pages

Even today, the glowing screen of mobile and laptops can’t completely substitute papers. Sometimes, pen and papers worth more than those devices. The Moleskine notebooks justify this fact. The high-quality pages are perfectly ruled. They are soft and smooth, so your pen would glide like a skater on the ice. Besides, the company has designed the pages durable enough to store your writings for a long period. The ink would not fade for years.

What can it do for you?

The leather notebook can be very useful, especially when it comes to maintaining records for a long period. They are very handy which make them an ideal travel mate. It can even enhance the elegance of your office when putting on the glossy desks. Besides, it comes with pen holders. So, you don’t have to worry about your getting misplaced or dropped. Inside, you will various pockets. You can safely store various cards and other valuable assets in it. The large notebooks can even carry your iPhones.

Moreover, you can also flaunt them like a fashion accessory. The notebook is best for showcasing your work to the clients. It would create an additional positive impression on them.

Personalisation options

The knows how important your brand name is for you. Hence, it lets you customize the notebook via engraving your logos and messages. You can request the personalization of up to three letters right from the online store. However, you have to go with the Custom order option for additional requests.

Plethora of Sizes and Colours

Unlike usual leather products, you probably won’t miss your favourite colours with Moleskine notebooks. From tan to white, it comes with more than fourteen shades of colours. You can choose the one that best matches your office or desks. Additionally, it comes in three different sizes. You can go with the sizes of the pocket, medium, and large as per your requirements.

The final verdict

To sum up, Moleskine notebook is a perfect choice for professionals. It is a must-buy tool if you are fond of making notes. It can also be an ideal gift for your friends, family, and colleagues.





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