The forefront of luggage innovation

When usually looking for bags, one looks for a bag that can be able to fit whatever he or she needs to carry. People from all walks of life need bags to help them carry what they need every day with ease, from the student going to school every day or the professional going to work, even the athletes going to the gym or for practice too.

Finding a bag where they can put their belongings as well as carry the bag with ease and not be lugging around a heavy backpack every time is the reason why zuca was created in the first place, a unique and effective alternative to regular bags and backpack, enabling the person to have a bag which he or she can put all his or her necessary belongings and carry them in style and convenience.

 A unique alternative

The bags from Zuca are a very unique alternative to regular bags since they consist of mainly two parts, the “insert” where you put all your belongings and serve as the actual bag, and the “frame” which the insert can be attached to enabling you to push or pull your belongings with relative ease with the wheels attached to it and not carry around the heavy bag every time. The bag also doubles as a chair, so if ever the need arises; you have something to sit on. Perfect for people at the waiting lounge of the airport waiting for their flight or for students who need a seat whenever there aren’t enough seats available.

A stylistic approach to convenience

The way the bag looks is one of the determining factors if one should buy it or not. Most of the time, people encounter moments wherein they already found a bag that can accommodate everything they would need but won’t buy it since they don’t like the bag’s colours or the design of the bag. This isn’t the case of Zuca bags, you have over a hundred designs to choose from for the inserts as well as various colour choices for the frames, this equals to over a thousand options when choosing the design of the bag. Sure enough, one of these designs will definitely be for you as you can get creative right from the start and choose the design and colour that works best for you.

Change over time

Of course, you might like the design of the bag that you chose now, but what if your style changes over time and you would like the design of the bag to follow? Would you need to buy a new set in order for you to get the new look that you want? Not really. Luckily enough, one of Zuca’s unique selling points is that you can buy the parts for the bag separately, which means if ever you feel like changing only the insert or the frame, you can do so without the need of buying the whole set. As with parts repairs, the wheels are also sold separately so if ever you encounter problems with the wheels, you can simply buy a spare to replace your old ones with.

All in all, the bag is made with high quality materials to ensure the user that it will last for a long time. Its uniqueness is also one of the main factors why the bag is so useful and convenient to people, with the ability to get creative and given full reigns over customization as well as choices for inserts for more specific uses such as travelling or for artists available, Zuca bags are on the forefront of luggage innovation.


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