Beauty tips for the sensitive eyes

Do you have sensitive eyes?

Does having sensitive eye keeps you at bay from using eye makeup?

Do you fear to have itchy, red and puffy eyes every time you make use of some cosmetics?

If so, then understand that having sensitive eyes does not mean that you cannot make use of makeup or cosmetics. It is entirely okay to get makeup like the others do with the delicate eyes only if you know what to do. Using the proper beauty products, cleanliness tips and techniques you can undoubtedly have sensitive eyes covered in makeup without any trouble.

Here we have a few tried and tested tips that work great for the sensitive eyes.

  • Get the branded

Several brands in the market are making products for sensitive eyes and make use of lesser chemicals in their products. These products are the least harmful to the eyes, but you have to test a couple of brands before getting to understand which one suits you the best.

  • Use clean brushes

If you have sensitive eyes make use of cleaner brushes every time. For this, you have to keep the brushes in some container that does not attract too much dirt. You can follow your brushes in some box that has a lid. Dirty makeup brushes can spread infections and bacteria. You can make use of shampoo or soap to wash your brushes regularly.

  • Do not line the inner lids

The experts say that using the liner for the inner rim of the eyes can cause infection or burning in the eye. If you still want to make use of the liner then use it just for the outer side of the eye so that the liner won’t reach the inner eye.

  • Go curling

If you haven’t yet tried the lash curler, do it this time and you will be amazed by the results as the curler makes your eye pop up a lot bigger and gives a stunning look too. It would be a great way to stay away from the chemical products to enlarge your eyelashes. It could be a solution for those who ask do eyelashes grow back.

  • Cream shadows as an alternate

The powdery products used for makeup could be troublesome for the eyes. Therefore you should try to go for the products that have creamy effect in them. It prevents the powder to fly and fall in the eye. The dust can irritate and burn in sight, so the smooth products are a better solution.

  • Wash your hands frequently

Not only the cleanliness of the brushes and tools is essential but also the cleanness of hands matters as well. You should make use of the hand sanitizer to prevent bacteria and other infection-causing germs from entering the eye. Remember not to rub your eyes during you apply the makeup or even after you have used it thoroughly. It can make any debris to fall into eyes and cause itching.


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