How to choose the right promotional gift?

Is your promotional gift representative?

Exhibitors always wonder what promotional gift will attract visitors to newsstands. Making the right choice to portray yourself while attracting your target audience can be difficult, but you can find the ideal solution by asking yourself a few questions.

I had the chance to speak with Heidi Thorne, a promotional marketing expert, author, and speaker with more than twenty-five years of experience in B2B marketing, small business marketing, and events and trade shows. She gives valuable tips and information about promotional gifts. You will understand that after reading this article, you will be more confident to choose your next promotional gift.

What is popular and what is not?

The most frequently asked question about promotional gifts for trade shows is “What’s new and popular? To answer frankly, what is popular depends on what is relevant and useful, both for the exhibition and for your target market. There is no universal answer and no gift fits everyone.

“No item really comes out of the list, but I have to specify that I’ve seen a lot more microfiber cloths and reusable cups lately. Says Thorne. She also adds that t-shirt is still the best sellers of promotional goods suppliers, as reported by ASI, at 13.8% in 2013. “But why are these old-fashioned items still the most important?” appreciated? Because they are useful! I’m not in your shoes, but I know I can still get another high quality reusable mug because of my high consumption of coffee.

Be careful if you buy technology items. Novelty and technology are not always a good choice for the general public. Some promotional items could harm you if they are designed for use with special devices. If you take this direction, go with items that work with multiple devices and platforms. Versatile items will attract a larger audience and this will bring more value.

Make well thought out decisions

How can you decide on the right promotional gift that will represent your company? Heidi Thorne explains that you should ask yourself the favorite questions of reporters:

-WHAT will take the items? (Hoping the answer is not “visitors to the show” because a specific visitor profile is better.)

-WHY do you give something?

-What are you trying to accomplish?

-Where will you give them?

-When do you plan to distribute them?

– HOW do you plan to offer them?

These questions will align you with the right track. This crucial information and thoughtful answers to questions are what will allow you to find the perfect gift.

Let’s say for example, your visitors are entrepreneurs (quite a fact of “who” are my clients). Even if it seems perfect, do not imagine offering them a promotional tool. They will take it as a joke and give it to their child, because they surely have better. What a waste! They will by far prefer to receive a gift card to buy gas. Do you understand how the answer to a single question can influence your choice?

Neutral gifts because you do not know what else to do

The neutrality of a gift is a common topic of conversation among exhibitors. “Can we just give pens with our logo on it? The answer to this question is simple: what are you trying to accomplish in this way and how will your gifts be used? If you cannot give an answer to this question and a pen does not get the message you are looking for, just give it up. If you give neutral gifts because you do not know what else to do, do not invest anything at all.



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