December 2, 2020

Here’s How You Might be Damaging Your Ring

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Many people tend to invest in jewelry, simply because you can get a lot of money from it if you do it right. Jewelry lovers and collectors are always on the hunt for a good piece of jewelry — whether it’s a silver bracelet, a gold necklace, or a ring with a huge diamond.

As a jewelry owner and investor, you should always take good care of your rings. Getting tips from jewelers in Salt Lake City and other areas, here’s how you might damage your gemstones and rings.

Mistake # 1: You Wear It When Applying Skincare

If you wear your ring even when you are slathering heavy creams or lotion, then chances are you are damaging your ring big time. This is a no-no, as the lotion or cream can eventually build up on the ring.

Take the ring off before putting lotion on your hands. Also, the harsh chemicals in the lotion can cause the ring to lose its shine and luster, especially if you have a colored gemstone on your ring.

Mistake # 2: You Don’t Take It to the Jeweler Often Enough

Have a professional jeweler take a look at your ring every once in a while. Even if you do not notice anything wrong with it, you should still take it to a jeweler at least twice a year, so you can make sure that no damages are present.

Often, only a professional jeweler can tell if your ring is in perfect condition. It also does not matter what your ring or your band is made of. Every ring should be inspected from time to time.

Mistake # 3: Not Getting Your Ring Insured

Rings are often expensive. You want to make the most out of your ring, which is why you should have it insured as soon as you get it. Some jewelry stores will offer you insurance upon buying the ring, so go ahead and grab it when you have the chance.

Losing or damaging your ring would be disastrous. But if you have bought insurance for it, then you can have peace of mind that you will get your money back.

Mistake # 4: Not Cleaning It Often Enough

Every piece of jewelry is precious, and therefore, you should always see to it that you will have your jewelry and your ring cleaned by a professional now and then.

You can also try cleaning it by yourself at least once to twice a week, so you can make sure that you will get all of the gunk out of your jewelry. Simply scrub the ring with a toothbrush and a mild dish detergent. After that, rinse it with warm water and dry with a clean cloth.
If you avoid these mistakes, you can be sure that your ring will last for years to come. Ask your supplier or jeweler how to properly take care of the ring that you bought from them, so you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging it.

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