March 2, 2021

How to Tackle Constipation Problem in Dogs

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Constipation is a common health issue in human beings. Similarly, your dog could also experience the same problem. Observing your dog can easily let you know when your dog is struggling with constipation problem. The biggest problem your dog face is the discomfort that makes your pet unable to do anything else and have abnormal behaviour.

Before we talk about the remedies/solution to constipation, you should know what causes constipation in dogs:

  • Medicine Side Effect
  • Dehydration
  • Hernia
  • Hormonal Disorder
  • Intestinal inflammation, etc.

There are many such problems which cause constipation. Some of the problems can be cured easily, but some of them need medical consultation ahead of any prescription. The most common problem among all is the intake of indigestible food items. This also results in constipation problem.

So, what are the ways that you can consider to tackle constipation in dogs?

Oral Pills:

Medicines are nowadays a better option to bring back your dog’s health. Your pet can intake medicine in whatever form you find comfortable, to get adequate relief from constipation and easy removal of the stool. Canada Drugs online web store has all the medicines that will help you in dealing constipation. However, you are recommended to get medical assistance before giving any oral pills to your pet as it might cause some side effect.

Give Milk:

Dog’s body is somewhat similar to the human body. So, you can give milk to your dog as it is given to human beings against constipation. Similarly, the milk will work to treat your dog. Milk is rich in lactose which helps in dealing constipation. However, milk is still a part which needs proper research before finalising the right amount.

Increase Exercise:

Daily workout helps the body to regulate its functioning and maintain proper body functioning. In case of constipation, try to add moderate exercises to your dog’s routine. Basic running or walking in a nearby park with your dog can help in regulating the constipation problem and get a healthy life. Make sure you do not overburden your dog as it can cause weakness, developing other problems.

Increase Liquid Diet:

Deficiency of water is one more reason that causes constipation in dogs. In such a case, you should increase the liquid diet of your pet and try to change the diet chart. The increased water intake will regulate the digestion and will control constipation. You can consider juices, water or even milk to blend with other dietary products.

Consult Your Vet:

When nothing works for you and you are unable to get results, what’s next is consulting with your vet doctor and get your dog treated. It’s important to diagnose the root cause of any problem and get it treated without any delay. Medication or any other therapy will better help your dog.

So, these are the ways that will be effective to treat constipation and regulate your pet’s health. What more ways do you think can work against constipation and give relief to your pet? Do comment in the box given below.

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