April 18, 2021

The Best Material For Water Features

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There are many water features as well as fountains in the market. The features are made using different features, and they have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the materials used to make the water features and help you in making an informed decision before choosing the best water feature.

Stainless steel 

This is the most common material for water features in Sydney; however, the most common thing to consider is the feature you are interested in and the material used to make it. Stainless steel is made in different grades. Hence, the grades determine the quality of the steel. Therefore to get the best and the long-lasting feature you should choose the highest grade. However, you should bear in mind that if you need an outdoor water feature, higher-grade steel is the best because they are not subject to corrosion and are not damaged by the outdoor environment.

Stainless steel is popular because the water features have a sophisticated look; hence, they are mostly favoured by businesses for stylish and decorative pieces in offices and showrooms. If you go for the stainless water feature, always remember they are weighty; hence, you need to double-check the weight with the vendor before purchasing.

Natural rock 

This another material for making ideal water features. Every feature may have a variation that provides the most outstanding attributes. In a way, you will have a unique feature that no one else has. The water feature can be supplied from different source ricks. The natural nature of the material makes the feature solid as well as durable. However, as stainless steel of the natural rock materials may be heavy.


Resin is used widely in the manufacture of water features in Sydney because of its versatility. Steel and rock may be used in creating similar shapes and styles but the sheer variety of the resin features and large. Within the resin coverage of features, there are fountains, animal water features, wall fountains, figurines, tabletop features and many more.

Compared to rock and steel water features, Resin made features are lightweight. This is therefore essential when you want to move the elements around. For instance, when you have many visitors, you will want to create more space in the garden; therefore, you can quickly move the water feature without any difficulty in a central location.


Most of the terracotta water features are handmade for ordering than keeping in store. Hence, this makes the material unique, unlike steel, rick and Resin. However, you need to be aware that it will take you more time to receive the water features compared to those kept in the store. Terracotta is a sturdy; material and has warm colour. The material has been used in traditional jars, pots as well as other features for the longest time possible. Hence, for this reason, it is an ideal material for similar designs of Greek ancient features.

Overall, it is essential to check the material to use for a long-lasting feature. Strong winds may overrun some features. Therefore, in case of bad weather, you can take the feature indoors until the weather subsides. However, when leaving the water feature outdoors during winter ensure the water inside does not freeze.

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