The Atmos Vicod 5g is the second generation of this vaporizer model. It has a number of improvements over the initial design. This vape is one of the most discreet and compact vaporizers around. It is powered by an ultra powerful and long-lasting lithium polymer 2200mAh battery that gives it incredible temperature control. You can use precise temperatures between 300 degrees Fahrenheit and 435 degrees Fahrenheit to get the vapor quality that you want.

This vape comes with an embedded ceramic element that offers smooth, evenly heated hits. The Atmos Vicod 5g also comes with a memory function so it heats up to the last set temperature to ensure ease of use and efficiency. It is built with a durable body with a reinforced rubberized housing to ensure a solid and comfortable grip. The redesigned OLED display is simple to read and very bright. Functional and portable, the Atmos Vicod 5g can be used on the go with its short stainless steel mouthpiece or enjoyed at home thanks to its long glass stem.

Pros of the Atmos Vicod 5g:

  • Fast heat up time
  • Temperature memory setting
  • Large temperature range between 300 and 435 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90-minute run time
  • Easy to load
  • Easy to use
  • Precise temperature control
  • OLED display
  • Good price

Cons of the Atmos Vicod 5g:

  • Mediocre vapor quality

How to Use the Atmos Vicod 5g:

In order to use this vaporizer, simply follow the steps below.

  • Grind your dry flower completely. You want to give it a fine but not powdery grind.
  • Pack the embedded ceramic chamber full of the herb. Be sure that you do not pack it too tightly.
  • Once you have removed the mouthpiece and packed the chamber, put the mouthpiece back on securely.
  • Press the power button five times to turn it on.
  • Once it is on, use the combination of the arrow buttons and the OLED display to find the temperature you want between 300 and 435 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Press the button and begin to vape

Atmos Vicod 5g Review:

The Atmos Vicod 5g is an ultra compact and discreet dry herb vaporizer that uses a ceramic heating chamber and advanced temperature controls to get the job done. With its easy portability and decent vapor quality, this is a vape that you don’t want to miss.

Basics of the Atmos Vicod 5g

– Price: The price of the Atmos Vicod 5g is $129.95, which is in the low to moderate range compared to similar models.

– Vapor Quality: The Atmos Vicod 5g produces cool vapor at a lower temperature setting yet it can become harsh as soon as you begin pushing the temperature above 410 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a short stainless steel mouthpiece and a short vapor path causing the vapor to begin irritating your throat rather quickly.

– Guarantee: The Atmos Vicod 5g features a convenient and reliable 5-Year Limited Warranty.

– Prep Time: The Atmos Vicod 5g does not take long at all to load, nor does it take much time to heat up to temperature. It has an automatic memory function that heats the unit to your last-used temperature as soon as you turn it on.

– Portability: The Atmos Vicod 5g is relatively portable. It is better to use the short stainless steel mouthpiece as opposed to the long glass stem when you want to carry it with you. The Atmos Vicod 5g can be slid in your pocket, making it simple to transport.

– Ease of Use: The Atmos Vicod 5g is easy to use with its completely redesigned OLED display. This display is bright and easy to read. It is user friendly and turns on the same way that many other vaporizers do–using the five-click method on the power button. Use the up and down arrows to change the temperature. Buildup accumulates fairly quickly, so you will need to clean it regularly.

– Heating and Temperature Regulators: The Atmos Vicod 5g has an advanced temperature range that goes anywhere between 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 435 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended that you begin vaporizing your materials between 375 degrees Fahrenheit to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The Atmos Vicod 5g also comes with an embedded ceramic heating chamber that provides even heating and smooth, comfortable hits.

– Power Supply: The Atmos Vicod 5g runs on a non-removable internal 2200mah battery. This ultra powerful battery delivers an hour and a half of vape time without the need for a charge. The vaporizer comes with a micro USB charger for charging virtually anywhere.


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