Eat your way across Europe with Gourmet Scratch Map

What’s the best thing about travelling? Food of course! Because eating different delicacies that each country offers is wonderful and just cooking it by yourself is not as close as the real thing which is made in the country itself. and where do you think is the best place to travel when it comes to unusual but delicious food? Where else but Europe! They have one of the best dishes which will really make your mouth water, plus most of their dishes are healthy and Instagrammable too; which is why Europe is the most visited place in the world. Their food plays a huge part in this happening.

If you can’t wait to know and find out where you could eat what, then Luckies have the perfect map for you. It’s called Gourmet scratch map and Luckies partnered with Snow Home and Alison Hardcastle to make you one of the best map of Europe, because it involves food! Eat your heart out while travelling across Europe while learning many things about which country has the best local dish that you can’t wait to try. It’s also very fun. Feast your taste buds with beautiful tastes which Europe could easily provide!

Legends to help you navigate the best local food

Below the map, you can see that there are legends to remind you which country serves what. There are legends for meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, cheese dishes, cereal dishes, seafood dishes, bread dishes, and sweet dishes. You can just pick which of these countries you would like to go first to know if their seafood dishes are the best. there’s no turning back for you because slowly but surely you’ll love the food even more even if it tastes new to you! Remember, the food is one of the biggest reasons why tourists would keep on coming back for more.

Fun colors to reveal the magic

Once you have eaten all of the to-die for dishes of that specific country, you can scratch out from the map what dish you just ate and underneath will be beautiful colors, instead of the white ones. Your map wouldn’t be boring at all, and at the same time your tummy is full of yummy food that you will surely want to get a taste of again and that’s completely OK because your goal is to eat what they got in store for you which you definitely won’t regret.

Grab your notebooks and check out the great recipes!

Gourmet Scratch Map has a website at where you will see a lot of recipes from across Europe, 131 recipes to be exact, that you can copy and cook in the comfort of your own home. If you can’t visit those countries for the meantime due to your busy schedule or work, then you can cook yourself some risotto for the meantime while you’re still saving for a very long vacation in Europe. Then that’s the time that you can catch a taste of heaven in person.

Everybody couldn’t say no to food especially if these are rare delicacies that you can only find in a specific country. Gourmet Scratch Map will truly inspire you to go to Europe not only to see the beautiful landmarks and places, but to taste delicious food too.


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