5 Bow Ties to Make the Fashion Statement

You might have a lot of accessories that can make your uplift your formal outfit and make the first impression a lasting one. Bow tie is one such fashion accessory which never goes out of style, it does come a certain level of responsibility when you wear a bow tie.

Glass bowties or just about any bow tie says a lot about your personality and personal style, especially, when it comes to defining your character. You might look silly or out of style when you’re not careful about it, however, a lot of people will appreciate you when for caring it out well. It’s suggested that you follow check different types of bow ties available in the market before going for one.

Here’s a list of 6 major types of bow ties for you to choose:

  1. Classic bow tie

Are you getting ready for your friend’s marriage or any occasion for that matter? Classic bow tie is the ideal thing to make you look good and feel confident about yourself. They are specially made to suit just about any formal events, however, they aren’t restricted to formal events. Classic bow ties are ideal fashion accessories when you attend a professional event or go to church.

  1. Skinny bow tie

Some occasions expect you to be formal and hide your desire to have fun, while some events are ideal to be yourself and have fun. Skinny bow ties might not be an ideal choice when they event is all about having fun. It might do more bad than good when your skinny bow tie doesn’t fit youor when it’s out of proportion.

  1. Butterfly bow tie

Butterfly bow tie goes in and out of style in the over the years, you might find it hard with butterfly ties as they are the largest among all the other bow ties. It often tends to flare out a lot more, it might be the best bet to go for a butterfly tie when you have a broad shoulder. Choosing butterfly bow ties might be an ideal choice in a formal setting, while it might not be a great choice for everyone.

  1. Glass bow tie

Glass bowties are unique and stylish bow ties, which usually comes with hydrangea flowers inside them. The flowers inside them are real, however, you don’t have to take any special care of them. It’s preferable to avoid direct sunlight and extensive moisture, it might be ideal to carefully polish the bow tie with a soft cloth.

  1. Diamond bow tie

If you’re fascinated by the Hollywood stars, like James Bond or any other action starts, diamond bow ties might be just the right choice for you. Diamond bow ties have a blend of adventure and traditional style, making it a perfect fit to draw attention at a formal function.

The choice of bow ties depends on your preferences and what makes you look fashionable. The aforementioned bow ties are the major type of bow ties available in the market. Choosing between them can’t a daunting task when you try them on and have a look at the mirror.



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