February 28, 2021

Close to two-thirds of UK ad spend will be online by 2020

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Currently, the UK is behind only the US and China in terms of ad spend. By 2020, the online space will take 62% of the UK advertisers’budget. The country is now ahead of Japan, Germany, and Australia. What are your plans concerning your eCommerce business in the UK? Where can you find the best merchant services UK? To know, just read below.

Latest UK Ad Spend Statistics

Currently, Britain represents the biggest online-advertising market in Europe. Besides, it accounts for 2/3 of the market globally. In 2018, the country spent £1.34bn online. According to Advertising Pays 7, over 3/5 or 62% of total UK advertising spend is anticipated to go online by 2020.

UK online ad expenditure is currently the highest all around the globe. It makes up 0.63% of GDP.  Last year, online advertising represented 57% or £13.4bn of the country’s overall ad spend of £23.6bn.

Digital makes up almost 60% of all advertising investment. As a result, it contributes to all UK net ad growth. When it comes to pure-play internet, the latter grew 11% last year and is expected to increase a further 9% this year, as WPP’s GroupM reports.

Specifically, mobile currently takes the biggest part of the digital-ad spend in the UK.Next comes video.A recent survey by Differentologyof over 2.000 consumers shows that 72% of UK SVoD subscribers don’t think advertising on Subscription Video-on-Demand is acceptable.

According to Ofcom’s Online Nation 2019 report, sites owned by Google or Facebook are now taking 35% of the total time spent on the internet in the UK. Finally, OnBuy.com reports that 85% of Brits feel sceptical about social commerce.

UK Ad Market &Best Merchant Services UK

Advertisers are expected to spend £14.73 billion or $19.64 billion on online ad formats in the UKthis year. This represents 11.2% growth as compared to 2018. The total media-ad spend is forecast to increase by6.8% this year, thus making digital a driving force for the UK’s ad industry.

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To sum up, nearly 2/3 of UK ad spend is projected to be online by 2020. So, work with a true payment profession so to never stay behind the developments in the industry and get the best deal for your company.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry, including the best merchant services UK, has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.

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