Flower Origins and Meanings

Who doesn’t love flowers? They look beautiful, smell amazing, are suitable for most occasions and brighten up any room. Because flowers are so awesome, we got to know about the different types of flowers and where they come from as well as their meanings. Understanding what each flower means and represents as well as understanding its history is essential information that you need to know when buying flowers for someone. It will help you pick and send the right flowers with the right message that you want to convey. That means you get to avoid sending the wrong message with your choice.


Origin: Orchids originated in tropic areas in Asia and Australia such as the Himalayas and Philippines. They grow on tree branches, between rocks and in grassland areas usually near a source of water.

Meaning: Orchids are associated with fertility, virility and elegance. The meaning can vary based on the orchid’s color; there are white, pink, yellow, purple and orange orchids, each with its own meaning.  Send a bouquet of orchids to someone to tell them how elegant and graceful they are.


Origin: Tulips, contrary to popular belief that they are of Dutch origin, originated in Central Asia and Turkey. They were later brought to Holland and are now being cultivated in Holland in large quantities.

Meaning: Perfect love, passionate love, royalty and abundance. There are yellow, red, purple and pink Tulips, each of which communicates a different message. You can send red tulips to your soul mate and purple tulips for a regal touch. They make a great valentine’s day gift because they’re affordable.


Origin: The rose is 35 million years old and they’re very widespread. Some roses originated in Asia, others, Europe and others North America and Northwestern Africa.

Meaning: They’ve acquired cultural significance in many places. They’re a classic symbol of romantic love and beauty. White roses signify purity and innocence, pink roses signify appreciation and yellow roses signify joy. This is the perfect flower to send to your soul mate to signify your eternal love!


Origin: Lilies are native to the northern hemisphere (North America, Europe and Asia).

Meaning: Royalty, motherhood and fertility, beauty of youth, renewal and rebirth and purity. Greeks and Romans held lilies in very high regard including it in many of their rituals and ceremonies. Lilies are used in funerals as well as weddings because they can be formal flowers. They’re also great as a gift for your mom!


Origin: Daises are native to North and Central Europe and Asia.

Meaning: They symbolize the sun because they look like stars/sun. With their bright and vibrant colors, daisies signify cheerfulness and innocence. Also, farewell and departure, sincerity and mother’s love. They make a perfect get well soon gift and are also great for Mother’s Day in combination with other flowers such as carnations.

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