Movies and Pop Culture Keep the Ugly Christmas Sweaters Alive And Well

When it comes to the Christmas holiday, the ugly sweaters come alive on men, women and children. It’s a yuletide blast to get in on the fun and the spirit of the joyous season. Believe it or not, the ugly Christmas sweater has been worn with pride by a lot of folks dating back to the 1890s and maybe a bit before that decade, according to an in-depth story by These happy garments have exploded onto the scene every holiday season and get more creative each time. Ugly Xmas sweaters are a timeless “fashion” statement with or without a sense of humor.

The United States has kept the tradition alive of wearing these hilarious-looking, tacky and dorky sweaters, thanks in part to our movies and pop culture. Social media sites have a lot of fun spreading the word about holiday parties featuring the ugly Xmas sweater, and some websites offer do-it-yourself ideas and directions on how to create a unique and spectacular ugly sweater. It’s a movement that keeps giving and giving.

When it comes to the silver screen, Hollywood adores ugly Xmas sweaters, and there are numerous movies to prove this point. For example, MTVNews has listed the flicks where some of the funkiest Christmas sweaters live frozen in time:

1. Clark Griswold (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). Need we say more? The movie is a cult classic, and Chevy Chase appears in a holiday crewneck pullover sweater with winter stripes befitting of Christmas.

2. Dale Doback (Step Brothers). The character looks tacky and fabulous in his pullover acrylic “woolie” with an amazing yuletide landscape with mistletoe appliqués adorning the flying reindeer.

3. Nora Krank (Christmas With The Kranks). Jamie Lee Curtis’ character is all prim and proper and abloom with Christmas poinsettia flowers. That’s right; she’s donning a red candy cane turtleneck with a buttoned-up poinsettia cardigan.

4. Lloyd Christmas (Dumb & Dumber). No one wears an ugly Christmas sweater quite like Jim Carrey in his famous role as Lloyd Christmas. A rolled mock neck sweater ablaze with a yuletide motif and his Moe Three Stooges haircut are simply awesome.

5. Scott Calvin (The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause). Tim Allen plays the part of Old St. Nick and appears with a big belly and a grey pullover sweater adorned with a pair of white moose and red zigzag trim.

6. Mark Darcy (Bridget Jones Diary). The character played by the elegant Colin Firth is the only gentleman who could really pull off the superb tackiness and juvenile appearance of his ugly Christmas black turtleneck sweater. About three-quarters of the pullover features a huge knitted Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on the front. It’s beyond what one might expect.

Tacky sweaters that celebrate Christmas will never die. They’re like the typical fruitcake that appears year after year. Getting into the holiday spirit is part of the fun, and the entire family can join in.



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