February 28, 2021

Need to Fix a Zipper at Home? Try ZipperShipper

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Just imagine how your favorite pants or dress didn’t feature a zipper at all. You will be struggling as you literally tug and jerk at the fabric to make sure that it will be a perfect fit for your body. There is a big chance that you will never be successful at all. And if you ever managed to finally wear it, it can get torn and ripped in different places.

This is what makes zippers essential. Unfortunately, there are times when zippers can also cause you serious trouble and this is when they end up broken. As there is nothing more embarrassing than getting caught with a broken and open zipper, it is important to get a metal zipper from ZipperShipper.com and learn how to fix a zipper at home. 

Materials You Need 

  • Pliers, specifically a small needlenose pair
  • Strong thread 
  • Needle
  • Scissors 


  1. Use the pliers to carefully pry off the zipper’s metal stop. It is that tiny band located at the bottom that stops the slider when the zipper is opened. This might be a bit difficult but you can do it with some muscle. You can also use a screwdriver or blunt kitchen knife but be careful.
  2. After removing the metal stop, move the slider down to the zipper’s bottom right under the teeth on the bottom-most part. Don’t pull this off completely. 
  3. Realign the zipper teeth and make them mesh seamlessly. Arrange the teeth using your fingers to ensure that no side will be bunched up. Make sure to strengthen out the teeth properly. 
  4. You can now start to zip up the zipper just around halfway with extra careful attention to ensure that the teeth have been locked appropriately together. You should be careful with doing this procedure until you are sure that the zipper runs straight once again. 
  5. Grab the strong thread and needle and use these to sew around the location of the old metal stop. Your goal here is to use only the thread as a replacement for the stop. Continue to sew and loop the zipper bottom tightly. About 6 to 7 inches will be enough. You can also add more stitches if needed. Once you are sure that it is already secure, you can now tie off a knot at the back portion of the zipper then cut off any excess thread.
  6. You can now pull up the zipper all the way until it gets to the top. Once you do it properly, the zipper will no longer catch.
  7. In case the zipper gets misaligned once again, all you have to do is just remove the stitch with the use of a seam ripper then repeat the entire process. 

A broken zipper easily ruins a perfect outfit. You can now solve this horrible dilemma right away by just following the simple process above. These steps work on all types of zippers, whether on bags, clothes, and on furniture covers. It is often a much better option than completely replacing the entire zipper. 

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