Plan Your Shopping and Save Money with These 6 Easy Tricks

Going shopping is fun and buying stuff for yourself is a great feeling. However, if you don’t do it right, it can be very expensive. You don’t always have to go for buying new clothes. Instead, make your purchase at the right locations, spend your money wisely and buy carefully.

Go for Sidewalk and Sample Sales
Always look for sidewalk and sample sales because they save a huge amount of your money. If you are the big city girl then you can find many sample sales as they are very common in bigger cities. On the other hand, if you live in a small city then you can surely avail sidewalk sales. Malls and boutiques put out clothing which is going out of season or they want to get rid of. You can get to know about sample and sidewalk sales by checking online.

Factory Outlets
In order to save money, going to factory outlets is not a good idea. Although, factory outlets and online stores like Aeropostale have the signs of 50% off Sale. However, most of the clothes which are on display are the ones that nobody bought. In fact, even if the signs say 50% off, they are actually selling you the outfit in full price and the quality of clothing is not so good. Hence, avoid shopping from factory outlets and go to the main store of a brand you like.

Thrift Stores
Calling thrift stores a treasure hunt wouldn’t be wrong because sometimes you get the finest piece of clothing there. You might not like the idea of going to a thrift store and buy secondhand clothes. But, trust me, thrift stores only accept the clothes which are in good condition. However, make sure to wash them properly. If you find any stain or weird odor, don’t pick that clothing piece.

Discount Department Store
There are many stores which often change their inventory. Such stores have both smaller brands and big name brands for smaller prices. In fact, if you shop during sales, you can save even more amount of your money.

Rent or Swap Clothes
You can rent clothes for occasions which require a specific kind of dress code. Spending a lot of your money on extremely expensive dresses to wear it once is not fair with your pocket so go for rent or swap clothes. There are many websites which offer to rent clothes. Also, you can find websites where you can swap clothes.

Shop at the End of Season
When you shop at the end of the season, it is a little frustrating because you don’t get to wear those clothes until the season comes again. Pre-season shopping costs a lot of your money but when you shop at the end of the season, you are able to save some of your money. You can also go for mid-season shopping because sales option is available at that time of the season.

Set a Budget
Set an amount of money that you want to spend before going shopping. When you go shopping, there are so many things that you desire to buy. When you have a fixed amount in your mind, controlling your shopping-wishes is easier.

Know What You Want
Before going shopping, make a list about what you want to buy and stick to it. Check out your closet, note what you need to buy and what you should replace.

Quality Clothing
Cheap clothes and low pricing are attractive but with this, low-quality clothing also comes which does not last longer. You can buy a bunch of low-quality clothing but it wouldn’t last as long as quality clothing. Find something which can last longer even if it costs you a little more.
Quality clothes shopping is more expensive but you can go for sales and deals which cost you less.

Don’t Go for Trendy Clothes
Buying trendy clothes seem tempting but once the trends are over, those clothes become useless. Instead, choose some basic and quality clothing that will outlast seasonal trends. You can still look great even if you are not wearing what everyone else is.

Even if there is no sale, you can still buy clothes for a discounted price. Search the newspaper, check out websites, and sign up mailing lists to get coupons. When you buy something, make sure to check the receipt for a coupon.  



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