What are the Different Types of Headphones?

When ever we talk about music or movie that we listen or watch alon the first thing come into our mind and that is headphones. Technology grow day by day and the benefits we got a lot. In these benefits we get one benefit and that is headphones. There are lot’s of headphones that we use for music or any sound track. For high volume and for high energy we always looks towards our headphones and when we go for buy we care about different types of headphones that fit into our need and also looks good when we use it. We always choose those things which have low weight because it’s difficult to carry and that’s why we prefer mostly wireless headphones that have no wires and we easily carry any where and any time. So, let’s talk about different types of headphones that come under our budget and also looks good and have better quality.

Wireless Headphones

One of the best type in headphones are Wireless Headphones and at this time mostly people use it. There are lot’s of benefits like you don’t need any wire during using. You simply connect this through Bluetooth and use it with different rang and different speed as well.Another good use of it that infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF) are also use into it and with this latest technology your headphones voice become more clear and high.

On Ear Headphones

Here comes the second type of headphones, if you are game lover and love to play games with high track music than this type of headphones only for you. I saw lot’s of boys who play games and use on ear headphones for music. Even if you want to go outside then you also use it. Actualy one you adjust it then you not need to adjust again and again because it fit on your head easily. If we talk about benefits, on ear headphones are less expensive then wireless headphones. On ear headphones also have less weight you can easily carry anywhere.

In-Line Microphone and Controls

The help of lates technology we have another types of headphones that commonly use for smart phones and small devices like mp3 etc. In-Line Microphone mostly known as earphones we used for calls and music and most of the time we pick our calls through it. The advantage is you can buy easily because you get in cheap price but if we talk about disadvatge the some earphones use only in Iphones. We name this type of earphone is device supported earphones.You can’t control the voice of these earphones if you use iPhone earphones in Android devices.

So, these are the headphones that mostly use now a day and people mostly buy it every day. There are also another Types of Headphones that people use but it consider into expensive one that a normal person not afford.If we pick our top one then we suggest you to use wireless headphones because it give you more heavy sound.


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