March 8, 2021

Having Stuffy Nose – You might Have These Nasal Problems

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Stuffy nose is common during the summer season when pollens easily travel in the air and affect human beings. But this doesn’t always mean that pollen is the root cause and it can be cured later-on. There are numerous diseases where the stuffy nose is considered as a positive sign.

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Coming to the topic, below are the diseases which you might have, causing stuffy nose in its initial stage.

Rhinitis: The Rhinitis is a nasal problem where the nasal cavity inflammation causing pain and stuffy nose. Most of the rhinitis cases are observed on a seasonal basis, which makes it a seasonal disease. In rare cases, patients are even diagnosed to have this problem throughout the year. This can be an allergic or non-allergic disease. In the case of non-allergic it can end up after a short period of time whereas, in allergic patients, it continues for long without any relief.

Influenza & Cold: The most common reason for stuffy nose is influenza and cold which is caused by the change of season. In almost every day, regular medicine intake can cure this problem. The stuffy nose is accompanied by illness, cough, sneezing and even a few other body problems. You can easily diagnose this disease by visiting a doctor. It’s completely curable with a medical prescription for a few days.

Sinus Infection: Sinus is the only problem that has affected more than 30 million people throughout the US. In patients with a sinus infection, there is a high production of mucus which causes the sinuses in your face to get blocked. The sinuses are beneficial to trap the germs and keep your body free from other diseases. This excess mucus also causes the problem of running nose as well as a stuffy nose. Alongside the excessive production of mucus invites bacterial/viral infections to attack your body.

Nasal Polyps:  Nasal polyps are another big problem which has a stuffy nose as a clear symptom. This disease can be paused with some over-the-counter medicines but they are not the long term solution. The Nasal Polyps is caused due to the growth of mucosa in your nose that causes the problem in breathing and hence causes troubles.

How to Diagnose These Diseases: If you are aware of your health problem, you should immediately consult the doctor and take adequate treatment. But if you are not familiar with the symptoms, it’s better to undergo tests and diagnose the actual problem.

There are a few other diseases too, where the stuffy nose is considered as a symptom, but the health problems mentioned above are harmful common as well as take stuffy nose as a strong symptom of the disease. So, if you observe a stuffy nose in your family, consider quick treatment to protect your family member from any hazardous disease.

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